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Rohrmann, Till, Schelter, Sebastian, Rabl, Tilmann; Markl, Volker
Gilbert: Declarative Sparse Linear Algebra on Massively Parallel Dataflow Systems
in BTW 2017 (pp. 269-288)
March 2017
Traub, Jonas, Steenbergen, Nikolaas, Grulich, Philipp, Rabl, Tilmann; Markl, Volker
I²: Interactive Real-Time Visualization for Streaming Data
in Proc. 20th International Conference on Extending Database Technology (EDBT), March 21-24, 2017.
March 2017
Schütt, Kristof T., Arbabzadah, Farhad, Chmiela, Stefan, Müller, Klaus R.; Tkatchenko, Alexandre
Quantum-chemical insights from deep tensor neural networks
Nature Communications 8,
January 2017
Giotsas, V., Smaragdakis, G., Feldmann, A., Berger, A.; Aben, E.
Detecting Peering Infrastructure Outages in the Wild.
Feldmann, Anja, Hauswirth, M.; Markl, V.
Enabling Wide Area Data Analytics with CDPPs (Collaborative Distributed Processing Pipelines.
IEEE Int. Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (IEEE ICDCS), Blue-Sky Ideas / Vison Track,
Renner, Thomas, Müller, Johannes, Thamsen, Lauritz; Kao, Odej
Addressing Hadoop's Small File Problem With an Appendable Archive File Format.
In the Proceedings of the Computing Frontiers Conference (CF).